Our Visions and Values

Our Visions and Values for our Patients

  • To provide an environment which is welcoming, caring and accessible for all our patients
  • To treat our patients fairly, courteously and equally, with dignity and respect
  • To provide effective, efficient, safe and up to date healthcare services to our patients
  • To listen, communicate and collaborate with our patients and involve them in decisions about their care

Our Visions and Values for our Practice and Locality

  • To work with Hardwick CCG in improving the health of our patients and the local population
  • To deliver effective and efficient healthcare
  • To utilise our computer system fully and consistently within our organisation and embrace new technologies

Our Visions and Values For our Practice Team

  • To maintain a supportive, fulfilling and rewarding working environment for all
  • To encourage personnel development through regular and effective appraisal
  • To listen to team members and value comments, suggestions and contributions
  • To project a positive and professional image of ourselves within and outside the practice