Suggestions, Comments and Complaints

All complaints will be dealt with in a courteous and professional way. Complaints can be put in writing to the practice manager. However, if you wish to speak to someone in person the practice manager is usually available during office hours.

Please ask a member of staff for further information.

In the event of a breakdown in good relations, you are entitled to leave the practice without giving a reason, just as the practice is entitled to ask patients to leave.

We are happy to record any positive suggestions or feedback also.

Complaints Procedure


Our procedure is designed to address the genuine concerns of the complainant and is based on the ready access to the facts. Our approach is intended to be honest, straightforward and thorough.

It is designed to assist the practice to learn from our patients, to be non-bureaucratic and easily understood. Our system meets with the NHS criteria. All complaints will be dealt with promptly, seriously and confidentially.


Suggestions may be offered to any member of staff in writing or verbally. We welcome your suggestions to improve our service. Complaints should be addressed to our practice manager:

Nina Chambers
174 Elmton Road,
S80 4DY

If you are complaining on behalf of someone else, we are strictly required to obtain their written permission unless they are incapable of providing this (because of illness). An acknowledgement will be sent within two working days. The matter will be discussed by appropriate members of the practice team and a full response made.

Depending on the complexity of the complaint, you can choose to discuss your complaint with one of the doctors or with Nina Chambers, depending on the nature of the complaint.

If there is still dissatisfaction at the response of the practice, other organisations are available to help you:

PCT Complaints Adviser
Babington Hospital,
Derby Road,
DE56 1WH

They will help you sort the problem out and can put you in touch with the Independent Complaints Authority Service.

Patient Advice and Liaison Service

North Eastern Derbyshire PCT on 01246 544604

North Eastern Derbyshire PCT
St Mary’s Court,
St Mary’s Gate

Chesterfield on 01246 551158

These organisations give independent advice to any complainant concerning the health service, either related to general practice or hospital care.

To view our full complaints procedure policy, please visit our dedicated page.